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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Author Interview: Veronica Arch

Whipped Cream is pleased to welcome Veronica Arch who grew up in Montreal, Canada. She had dreams of becoming a writer and a dancer, however she took half a ballet class when she was six and, as she says, “realized I’d rather have dental work done.” She decided to put all her dreams into the one basket of writing.

Today she writes erotica and horror. I asked her how she distinguished between erotica, erotic romance, and pornography. “I distinguish erotica from erotic romance mostly by the tone of the story,” she told me. “In erotic romance, the key emotion is love whereas anything goes in erotica. Pornography differs from erotica and erotic romance only that is farther along the continuum. While erotica and erotic romance have many story elements with sex being one of the key elements, pornography is all about the physical act of sex.”

She told me she has a “very scientific” method she goes by when trying to judge whether or not she’s written a good erotic scene. “I feel like I’ve written a good hot sex scene when, after many readings of it myself, I still get that little rush of ‘oooooh, this is hot!’”

Veronica wouldn’t commit to having just one favorite erotic author, but did say she loves Emma Holly. “She was the first erotic romance writer I ever read,” she said. “While her sex scenes are hot, it’s her stories and imagination that draw me back time after time.”

She told me she set out to write horror, but the more she wrote, the more her stories took on an erotic slant. “I was a bit shy and hesitant about it. I felt like, ‘Where is this coming from?’ I was very nervous about what people would think. I signed up for an erotica writing class at a local literary center and almost didn’t go because I was so embarrassed. But I did go and I’m so glad, because the jam-packed room full of writers convinced me there was nothing to fear. And if anyone doesn’t want their mother-in-law to know what they write, they can always use a pen name. It’s extremely freeing!”

Veronica and her husband have two “very spoiled pugs” and when she’s not writing, she enjoys playing, walking, and photographing them doing the cutest things. “Which is pretty much anything they do ,” she informed me. Then she blogs about it. “I also like to do crafts,” she said. “Recently I’ve been scrapbooking up a storm.”

If she could be anyone she wanted, Veronica would still choose to be herself “only less neurotic and thinner,” but she wants Meryl Streep to play her when they make the story of her life. “Not because we look anything alike,” Veronica said, “but because she is the best actor ever in the history of acting and the universe.”

I asked Veronica if she would be willing to share her most embarrassing moment with us. “Oh, there really are too many to choose from,” she said with a sigh. “But the most embarrassment bang for my buck (or anyone else in attendance that day) was my wedding day when I fainted in the middle of the ceremony. What was really bad about it was a bunch of people caught it on video. My friend’s boyfriend thought it was particularly hilarious and pulled out the videotape at a party a year later and kept playing and replaying my fall.”

You can read more about Veronica and her works at her website

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