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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ravenhart by Jennifer Katherine Shepherd

The changing light caught Nadine’s eye as she hurried into her dwelling. Her breath caught in her throat at the close call she’d had. She couldn’t believe she’d almost allowed herself to be caught outside the shelter at nightfall...not tonight of all nights.

A low growl alerted her to the presence of a stranger. On the night of Ravenhart, though, it was not unexpected to share your shelter with someone caught by the time, so she ignored him and fastened the door with its treble locks.

With a sigh, she turned, her back against the door and studied her uninvited guest. The black-and-white canine curled up on the rug in front of the hearth stretched and, as he did, changed into human shape.

Hmmmm.... a very nice human shape. Nadine’s lips turned up and her pussy heated up at the prospect of spending Ravenhart with this man... if she decided to share her bed with a shapeshifter. Not that there was anything wrong with that, she reminded herself. Shapeshifters had been granted citizen status years before, but...sometimes old teachings die hard.

And, so did old trainings. “Welcome to my hearth, stranger, this night of all nights,” she said in the traditional greeting. “What catches you out and about on Ravenhart?”

He stood and walked close to her. His nostrils flared as if he were drinking in her scent. A smile curled his lips as if he picked up on her attraction and his gaze moved down to her tits, pressing against her thin shirt. Her nipples hardened, as if his look had physically brushed over them. She caught her breath as her pussy started throbbing.

“I was passing through town and didn’t realize the inn would be full. Or that dark fell so quickly here. I’m from the south. They call me...Hudson.”

Nadine shivered as his gaze raked her body, even as she wondered at the pause before he gave his name. It had been long since she’d shared her bed with a man. Mayhap too long.

“Would you eat?” She moved to the fire and pushed the stewpot over the flame. The aroma of vegetables and herbs wafted throughout the room and caused her stomach to growl.

“It sounds like perhaps it’s time.” Hudson smiled at her and she turned from him in confusion. She didn’t want to like this man...this shapeshifter. He was a stranger passing through. If she desired, she would enjoy his body and send him on his way in the morning. Or if she chose not, he could curl up on the rug in front of the fire and be safe from Ravenhart for the night. Either way, she didn’t want to feel anything for him.

Her confusion made her words sharper than she intended. “There are bowls in the cupboard. I’m going to wash.”

She closed the door to her sleeping quarters and pressed her hands against her stomach. What was it about him that was affecting her so? Surely it wasn’t just being celibate for so long. It was if a part of her recognized him... a part that had been waiting. This would never do. Nadine poured water from the pitcher next to the door into the matching bowl and rinsed her face and hands. She took a deep breath before going back into the main room, reminding herself to feel nothing.

Hudson stood near the fire, his body outlined by the light. Nadine bit her lip as she unerringly located his cock, barely contained by the trousers he wore. She must have let out a low moan, for he looked at her.

“I think perhaps we are both hungrier for more than stew.” With a bound, he was in front of her, lifting her in his arms. Her legs straddled his hips and he pulled her in, rubbing her cunt against his cock. Fire ignited and ran up her body. She arched back, giving him full access to her tits.

He nipped at her nipples through the cotton, wet from his mouth, as he carried her to the bare table and sat her ass on the edge. Nadine supported herself on her hands as Hudson tore her shirt open. He lifted each full tit in turn, sucking and biting on each nipple until she nearly screamed with frustration. She wiggled closer to him, looking for the feel of his cock against her clit once more.

With economy of motion, Hudson divested himself and then her of the few clothes they wore. He knelt down between her legs and, with one hand tweaking her nipples, he slowly drew his tongue around her throbbing clit...teasing the tip of it before sucking it into his mouth.

Nadine bucked against his face, weaving her fingers into his hair and pressing him hard to her as her orgasm swept over her.

He stood up and pulled her to him, thrusting deep inside her. Her pussy clutched around him as she tasted herself on his lips. Movement met movement as their passion built. And, just as their bodies meshed together in climax, so too did their souls.

About the Author: Jennifer Katherine (JennyKat, to her friends) Shepherd writes erotic romance for the fanciful in mind. Her stories are seldom set in the everyday world, but in worlds far away. No matter how far away the worlds are, though, romance is romance. Passions ignite when Jenny Kat’s characters get together. Check out the wild women of The Menagerie at and see what they are talking about at

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