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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Be Prepared by Catherine Bybee

Callie’s spiked designer heels made sharp clicking noises as she ran the last steps toward the entrance of the open elevator. She raised her hand to the lone figure inside the metal box, silently asking him to hold the door.

As she stepped into the elevator, she sighed with relief and glanced up at the man. Her heart lurched when she recognized her breathtakingly handsome boss. “Thank you, Mr. Carlson,” she said breathing hard and trying not to stare.

“John,” he corrected with a glint in his eye. “It’s after seven. Formal titles are for nine to five, Callie.”

“Thank you, John.”

His dimples appeared which worked some serious damage to her silk panties. Desperately trying to ignore the gush of fluid between her legs, Callie watched the descending numbers flashing above her head. Fantasizing about her boss at home while alone was one thing. Doing so with him in an elevator was another.

“Callie, have you had dinner?”

His unexpected question and possible invitation made her blue eyes widen in surprise. Taking a deep breath, she lifted her chin and stared into the dark depths of his piercing eyes. “Are you asking me out?”

Lifting a brow he moved closer. “Yes.”

Callie could hardly contain the thrill of knowing he was attracted to her.

Just then the smooth ride of the elevator ended...not with the doors opening but with a jolt, buckle and blacking out of the light.

Callie screamed in alarm.

John caught her.

“It’s okay, the emergency lights will come on in a second,” he assured her.

As promised the flicker of florescent light returned, but the hum of the elevator didn’t and the box still shook slightly.

“Earthquake,” she mumbled. Being Californian, she was used to the subtle shake of the land and seldom panicked when the earth was pissed off.

The quake stopped, yet her body still trembled. John mistakenly took her actions as nerves and spoke reassuringly while pushing buttons of the elevator.

The quake wasn’t the problem, however having his arms around her waist raised havoc on her overactive libido. Musky waves of pheromones filled her head. Her nipples tightened.

Control is over rated, she thought, while her hands slipped across his chest and fanned out to touch.

John stopped his commentary and stared down at her.

Callie licked her lips.

“You’re not afraid of the dark?” His hard body pressed against her.

“I like the dark.”

His hand, at the small of her back, slipped lower. “Claustrophobic?”

She traced the hard line of his jaw and shook her head. “I like tight places.” Suggestive and bold statements like that would remove any doubts he might have.

His hands rounded over her ass, igniting a flame of pure lust. At last his lips descended. Warm, smooth and utterly perfect.

She opened her mouth in response. Finally, after months of watching him walk by her little cubical and casting glances at him over the water cooler, she was in his arms being delightfully assaulted by his torturous mouth.

Crushed between him and the wall, Callie’s knees buckled.

“Oh, how I’ve wanted this,” he said between kisses.

“I didn’t think you noticed me.” Callie pulled his shirt free of his pants, reached for any skin she could touch.

“I’ve dreamed about you. Not just like this, but long walks and candlelit dinners. Do you like champagne, Callie?”

His mouth worked its way down her throat to the top of her breasts.

She gasped. “Yes.”

“Yes to this, or champagne?”

“Both, all of it.” He tugged her blouse off her shoulders, found her straining nipples and took a small bite.

“Shit,” she swore between gritted teeth. Her slit clenched with a deep ache only he could fill. She ground her hips against him. Hard beneath his clothing his desire was evident. “Tell me you were a Boy Scout.”

His baritone chuckle caught her meaning. He found the edge of her skirt and lifted it high.

“A thong?” he questioned as he lowered the strap of material between her thighs. “Sexy.”

“Glad you like it.”

Hard strong fingers found her heat, slipped inside with a stream of pleasure. “Damn, you’re wet.”
Callie freed his rigid length. Both hands stoked his heat and pleasure purred from his lips.

“I’m wet and you’re hard. Doesn’t sound like a problem.” The thought of his cock filling her along with his racing fingers finding her clit and stroking brought her closer to ecstasy.



Moisture pearled on the tip of his shaft. Rounding it with her finger she brought his fluid to her lips and licked. “Where’s that condom, Mr. Boy Scout?”

A small foil package ripped from his wallet was clenched between his teeth as he tore it open.

While he sheathed his shaft, Callie hiked her skirt high, kicked her thong free and placed one stiletto shoe on the rail of the elevator.

“Fuck,” he swore when she stroked herself.

Raking her hand aside he positioned his shaft, caught her eyes and drove himself home.

Filled completely, Callie grabbed his ass bringing him closer. Yearning need built with every thrust.

Gasps of pleasure filled the tiny room. Her darkest fantasy pumped feverishly against her aching clit.

Raging breath mingled with his, every plunge more powerful than the last.

“John!” Callie screamed. Fluid rushed with her release.

“God, Callie!” He shuddered, the power of his orgasm carrying him away.

Floating, they slumped together until their pulses returned to normal. Callie opened her eyes to find him staring.

He touched her lower lip with his thumb. “You deserve more than this.”

Looking around their tiny cell, Callie smiled. “I’m not complaining.”

“What about those long walks and candlelit dinners?”

“Oh, I want those, as long as I get you for dessert.”

His dimples peeked through his smoky gaze. “I can see we are going to get along very, very well.”

“For a very, very long time.”

He leaned in and whispered, “You took the words right out of my mouth.”

About the Author: I have been reading romance novels for over twenty five years and writing them for the last two. I've found my muse taking me all over the board in my writing. I'm currently searching for a home for my time travel series and werewolf stories. Two small e-press publishers have voiced interest and I hope to announce who will publish my work soon. I live in Southern California with my husband of fifteen years, two son's, and a menagerie of animals. You can currently find me on myspace and read excerpts of my work there.

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