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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome Home by Kealie Shay

Selena forced her eyes open and stretched, shoving lethargic limbs through the crisp, cool sheets cocooning her body. The morning sunshine filtered through the sheer curtains and the sound of the surf beyond whispered to her that it was the beginning of a new day. The delicious soreness of muscles long out of use brought a smile to her face as she recalled the decadent night past.

Donovan couldn't have asked for a better homecoming... and Selena couldn't have asked for the evening to have gone any better. Lord, she'd missed that man. He’d been deployed for eighteen months in the Middle East, and she had been so very faithful. That was a long time to go without the touch of the man you love. Speaking of a recently welcomed home soldier…

Selena rolled toward her man's side of the bed, a side that had been empty for over a year... and found it empty again. She sat up in a rush, terrified that last night had been a dream and Donovan was still really in Iraq. The sight of his camouflage pants draped over the wicker chair across the room slowed her racing heart. She laughed at herself as she rolled from the bed. Deciding to forego panties, Selena pulled on Donovan’s shirt from the night before, letting his earthy and spicy scent comfort and heat her as she wandered in the direction of the kitchen and the smell of fresh coffee.

She pushed through the door into the kitchen and found it empty. Where had that man gone? His duffel was still by the front door where he'd dropped it. She'd jumped him as soon as they'd come through the door the night before.

As she pulled down a mug and poured herself some coffee, a movement beyond the back window caught her attention. Twitching aside the curtain she found Donovan. Intrigued, Selena moved to the sliding glass door. Opening it she slipped out to the back deck and watched as her husband strode into the ocean completely bare-assed naked.

Just watching the muscles in his back ripple with each determined step into the waves made her pussy clench as a rush of cream slickened the lips of her vagina. When his butt tightened as he braced against an oncoming wave, Selena had to clamp her own thighs together and take a deep breath, still she was unable to hold back her whimper of longing.

"Whoo, that boy is fine," she muttered to herself as she placed her mug on the table next to her hip. "Crazy, but fine."

As if he'd heard her words, Donovan turned his head and caught her watching his ass as he moved into the waves. His eyes tracked up her body then back down again and seemed to stop at the hem of the shirt she was barely wearing. Selena knew she was lost the moment he smiled that slow smile and got that look in his gorgeous eyes that melted her heart, as well as other much lower places.

Quickly changing direction, Donovan strode from the ocean and toward Selena. He climbed the steps to the deck, his approach so mesmerizing Selena couldn't even manage a single step backward. When he slipped one hand behind her neck and brought her in for a hot, long kiss the spell dissolved and Selena sighed into his mouth.

Donovan pulled away and grasped her thighs with his large, calloused hands and pulled her up his body. Selena couldn’t think beyond getting her legs around his waist. He helped her do so with his grip on her thighs and she succeeded in wrapping her legs about his waist. Keeping one hand on her thigh he slid the other up beneath the hem of his shirt to grasp her ass and squeeze. As Donovan walked back toward their home, Selena finally spoke.

"I thought you were going for a swim!" she murmured huskily, all the while placing nipping kisses along his jawline. The rough stubble along his cheeks, chin and jaw rasped against her lips and tongue, sending a shiver down her spine. The rubbing of his cock against her sopping entrance sent even more juices to coat her inner thighs as he carried her across the deck.

His chuckle drew her head back and made her look at his face; the wicked glint in his eyes left her breathless.

"I have something better to do."

Selena gasped as her back came up against the side of the house and Donovan held her against the wall with his own body. He plunged his hands into her hair and clenched his fists around the silky strands. Donovan crushed his mouth to hers and invaded that wet, warm space with the aggressive advance and retreat of his tongue. A slight twist of his hips and Donovan slid his long hard length into the warm, wet heat of her pussy. With a groan, Selena arched her neck back as her eyes slid closed. Donovan slid almost completely from her, then thrust back in to the hilt with a grunt. Selena offered a grunt of her own as her head thumped against the rough siding. Intense pleasure kept her from feeling pain beyond the slightest sting along her scalp.

The heat and hardness of his body against her own soft and cool skin as he pounded into her had passion spiraling higher than she had thought possible. Selena was powerless to do anything beyond hanging on for the ride. She rocketed so quickly to the height of pleasure that her climax took her by surprise. As it rolled over her and pulled her under, her orgasm clamped her channel around Donovan’s shaft. Selena was helpless to hold back her cry of completion. Her clenching muscles drove Donovan over the edge right behind her.

“Open your eyes,” Donovan demanded as he emptied into her.

Selena forced her eyes open and gazed through passion-glazed eyes at her husband.

“Mine!” he growled.

"Absolutely,” she sighed and smiled at him, thoroughly satisfied. “Always yours, as you’re mine. Welcome home, soldier. I've missed you."

About the Author: Kealie Shay is the alter-ego of a shy, quiet stay-at-home-mom by day. By night she transforms into a wild woman writing of wicked men and women. She is a sex-crazed nympho who routinely holds bondage parties in her garage, owns a Great Dane named Brock, and plays regularly with Juan, her Cabana Boy. She does all this while wearing a pair of red, thigh-high, stiletto boots. Who cares if it's all in her imagination! Visit Kealie at or

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